We are a boutique agency based in Wellington New Zealand.

Voda Management helps you find the right people for your creative project.

"My name is Donna Malneek and I'm the Director of Voda Management. I used to work in the fashion industry and loved working on set with the different designers and photographers and creatives. Working in the industry I met a few models along the way. On one particular shoot, surrounded by costumes and boas one of the models looked at me and said: "Can you be my manager?"

So I had my first model!

From their things just grew without me rally realizing, and before I knew it I was running a modelling agency. My business and management experience, dealing with people, understanding a lot of what goes on helped pave the way. But its the people that we represent that make the difference.

Voda has been involved with both smaller scale opportunities and have also worked in larger and more long term assignments. These have included, emerging designer look books, international billboards to fashion houses releasing the latest collections of some of NZs top designers. We have also worked alongside respected and internationally renowned producers in the film sector, with Universal, DreamWorks and Paramount to name just a few.

What sets us apart, is our unique team.
We offer clients diversity in our models and their attributes. Whilst you may be looking for talent that meets the external requirements, we have many whom are skilled musicians, nationally recognised dancers, sopranos and have a skill set that offers clients the unique opportunity to engage in the different facets of our talent where they may be able to utilise more than just a face and body on-set.

Our Models are also carefully selected, to be able to offer the client a wide range of ethnicities and sizes that aren’t stereotypical; but of course we can offer that too! Our team are not boxed into one category, many are able to utilise their skills and attributes in many sectors of the industries, making them valuable to the client in achieving their desired outcome for whatever task they wish to complete or achieve.

As with most client jobs, there are many behind the scenes people at work to make all this happen. We can offer you, the client, an achievable option by supporting you further with your needs. Whatever that may be, whether photography, hair and makeup, vocal and runway/posing training; we can offer you a package that comes with the certainty that when you get a Voda team, you are getting a team that works in sync with one another and with you.

Our professional and friendly attitude, along with the understanding of your requirements and working out a schedule or problem solving, is what we do best."
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