Studio Portfolio Course

Studio Portfolio Course

‍Building a professional Portfolio is absolutely imperative to a future in the industry. ‍You want to portray the very best of what you are able to offer, showing your abilities and diversity and set a high standard for yourself, portraying your real self along with your attributes.

Voda is so very proud to work alongside one of Wellington’s leading photographers, and our preferred partners, at Big Mark & Co. We are able to discuss what you need from your photo shoot and work it accordingly by including the exceptional team of photographers from Big Mark & Co whom will also have in-depth advice and expertise to help you produce a complete portfolio experience.

There are options for your portfolio and they will include the digital images, a range of silver halide lustre prints, and the option of a portfolio book.

All of these options are upon request and a Quote will be provided by the photographer directly. All Portfolio sessions are conducted in a Wellington region Studio and will take two hours. Weather permitting, a small timeframe may be set aside for an outdoor shoot. Hair and Makeup options are available upon request.


Your Trainers

Abbie Dorrington

Big Mark

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